The few main objectives of BPGA as per the “Memorandum of Association” are-

  • To promote and further the interest in the game of golf and provide support and playing opportunities to all professional golfers within Bangladesh.
  • To foster, develop and maintain a high standard of professional golf of Bangladesh.
  • To promote and arrange Golf tournaments in Bangladesh and internationally and elsewhere and to bear all necessary expenditure in connection therewith.
  • To promote and arrange to hold professional Golf Tournaments in Bangladesh, to offer and pay prize money and prizes to winners, runners up others whose performance in such events merits reward, to advertise such events and to raise funds therefore from donors, sponsors, advertise television rights and all or any other legitimate means.
  • To select terms and conditions of professional golfers to represent Bangladesh internationally and to find sponsors to bear the cost of their travel, executive committee and lording and expenses incidental to their participation.
  • To prescribe and interpret rules relating to the conduct of professional golf and pro-tournaments.
  • To assist in the layout and upkeep of Golf Course.
  • To maintain liaison with similar bodies of foreign countries int the interests of professional golf in particular.
  • To sponsor or arrange sponsorship of promising young players with regard to their participation in golf tournaments in Bangladesh or elsewhere.
  • To provide training and support to trainees in furthering their chosen carrier and shall at its discretion set aside funds to be used for training purpose.